Our Horses


’05 Belgian Gelding standing at about 18 hands, Sarg is a big love bug who craves attention from everyone! Having been with us since he was a 3 year old, Sarg is our most experienced horse & the go to guy for single horse carriage rides and high traffic areas!   may '15 i phone 279may '15 i phone 276IMG_8865
















Jake & Jasper

2010 & 2011 Percheron Geldings standing about 18.1 & 18 hands These boys are full blooded brothers & nearly inseparable! we purchased these guys in April of 2015 as a young green broke team,  we hope they will fill the shoes of our last team; Max and Lilly who are now in retirement homes! So far Jake and Jasper have done one event with a horse drawn hearse, 3 weddings, one engagement, and numerous wagon rides in the cities and here on our farm! For being such a young/new team to us we are thrilled with their behavior during the events!
We will continue to work with them on their patience skills, and getting them used to high traffic areas, and scary objects. We are optimistic that these boys will make fantastic carriage horses in the coming months!


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Jake Behind, Jasper infront

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