Our Horses


’05 Belgian Gelding standing at about 18 hands, Sarg is a big love bug who craves attention from everyone! Having been with us since he was a 3 year old, Sarg is our most experienced horse & the go to guy for single horse carriage rides and high traffic areas!
**Sarg is Semi Retired now and living the good life!**  may '15 i phone 279may '15 i phone 276IMG_8865












Josie & Jazzie

2017 & 2015 Percheron cross mares standing about 17 & 16.2 hands These girls were purchased separately in 2020 unbroke and on the wild side, today they are nearly inseparable, and have proved to be fantastic carriage horses! These girls replaced our larger team Jace & Jasper who went on to become a Cassion team for the Military!
We will continue to work with the girls on their patience skills, and getting them used to high traffic areas, and scary objects. We have no doubts these girls will go on to be super stars just like their big brothers were!

Jazzi’s First event with big brother Jace

Josie’s first event with big brother Jace.

Josies first event with big brother Jace

The girls first off the farm Event together!

The girls first event together off the farm                                 









2017 Gypsy Drum (Spotted Draft) Gelding. Goofie came to us in 2020 as an unbroke 3yr old Stallion. We got him well handled on the ground and started exposing him to all the things he will have to deal with when he becomes a carriage horse. We figured out very quickly that this big goof lives up to his name, and is so chill about everything in life! Therefor he has proved he is the perfect candidate to take over sarg’s roll as Barrat wedding horse, and single carriage jobs. Goofie is currently in training, and has begun his formal career this season.
His First event (Wedding) he was a super star!